First of all, sexual harassment is not a compliment. A compliment is a compliment. A compliment is “I like your hair” or “Your eyes are very beautiful”. A compliment is not “I want to stick my dick so far into your eye socket that you can see inside my testicles” or “I want to fuck your tits with my huge cock so hard that you get rug burn so badly you require medical attention”

But having more freedom she only became more profoundly aware of the big want. She wanted so many things. She wanted to read great, beautiful books, and be rich with them; she wanted to see beautiful things, and have the joy of them for ever; she wanted to know big, free people; and there remained always the want she could put no name to?

It was so difficult. There were so many things, so much to meet and surpass. And one never knew where one was going.
D.H. Lawrence, The Rainbow (via wordsnquotes)